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Foodcloud has discovered that businesses across Ireland have a huge appetite for donating their excess food. Now we are on a journey, from Malin to Mizen, to find charities that can give this food a good home.

Are you a charity that serves food and is hungry for food donations?



Hello, we’re foodcloud and we’re here to reduce poverty, reduce waste and to help restore that good old Irish community spirit based on shared food.


Our Short History

Foodcloud was started by students who having witnessed people suffering began to do some research. The facts spoke for themselves: copious amount of food was being wasted when people in our cities were going hungry. So we decided it was time we did something about it.

Foodcloud was born from the combination of idealistic optimism and the encouragement and support of Enactus (a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world).

Since then Foodcloud has gone from strength to strength. We are now a registered as a non-profit organisation, we have an app and we have food businesses and charities registered to help right the current situation and to restore some of that old Irish community spirit based on shared food.

Today we hold a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Minnovation Award, a place in NDRC’s start up accelerator programme, Launchpad and are recent winners of the Arthur Guinness Projects.



Our Charter

Food is more than nutrition—it gets people talking, it brings communities together. We use food to show we love someone.

From farms to plates, food has a long journey and takes a lot of hard work along the way. Yet much of this good food is being thrown away while many in our communities go hungry.

Foodcloud is a community-based social enterprise that brings food businesses and charities together with an easy-to –use and reliable platform, matching those with too much food with those who have too little.

We believe in building a culture where everyone has the chance to celebrate with good food and learn about its benefits. We believe communities built on shared food can be rediscovered


Meet the team

 Iseult Ward

Iseult Ward


Iseult, is co-founder and CEO. She is passionate about food, and it is her passion that drives Foodcloud. She hates to see food wasted particularly when so many are unable to enjoy its benefits. Iseult a Business and Economics graduate and winner of Trinity Business student of the Year 2013 is committed to making Foodcloud a success.

Aoibheann O'Brien

Aoibheann O'Brien


Aoibheann is a co-founder and Environmental Consultant with ERM. She recently obtained an MSc in Environmental Science at Trinity College Dublin, having completed her dissertation on ‘Surplus Food Redistribution – A Potential Solution To Reducing Food Waste in Ireland?’. She previously worked with JP Morgan in London, specialising in Global Environmental & Social Risk Management.


FoodCloud’s First National Partner

tesco Ireland

Our Supporters

Sign Our Pledge

At least one million tonnes of food in Ireland and almost 1.3 billion tonnes worldwide are wasted per year. To put that in context, one in every four calories produced from food in the world, is wasted. We want Irish people to think about how they can reduce this waste – with such a rich food and agricultural heritage, it makes sense that as a nation, we commit to this.

If 50,000 people in Ireland reduce food waste by just 1 kilogram per week, just over €1m will be saved, the equivalent of over 5.7 million meals.

How to reduce your food waste:

Reduce your food waste at home by taking the Stop food Waste Challenge!

Go to http://www.stopfoodwaste.ie/food-we-waste/challenges/ for more information.
If you are a food business, sign up to FoodCloud to help redistribute your surplus food to local charities.
Go to http://foodcloud.ie/howitworks/howbusiness/ for more information.

Please sign the Pledge now!

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Trinity Enterprise Centre, Pearse St., Dublin 2, Ireland